Image Editing Workflow Image Editing Workflow

What can Zyng do?

ZYNG's sophisticated AI models automate complex image editing tasks with refinement, allowing you to expertly design streamlined workflows that liberate your creative team to channel their artistry into higher-level, brand-defining visual pursuits.

Image Editing Workflow

Subject aware cropping

Edits image according to the subject boundaries

Image Editing Workflow

Body aware cropping

Edits image according to the body landmarks

Image Editing Workflow

Social media resizing

Extends canvas backgrounds seamlessly using the magic of AI

Image Editing Workflow

E-commerce resizing

Remove background and resize images to consistent dimensions

Image Editing Workflow

Portrait retouching

Add a professional touch to your images with AI-powered portrait retouching

Image Editing Workflow

Custom cataloguing

Use workflows to build consistent catalogs

The use cases are amazyng

Zyng leverages specialized AI models to automate complex image editing tasks like cropping, shadow addition, and background removal, empowering you to design efficient workflows and refocus efforts on higher-impact creative work.

Image Editing Workflow

E-Commerce and Retail

Remove backgrounds for clean product cut outs. Resize photos consistently. Apply brand colors as backdrops. Reframe angles tightly on products.

Image Editing Workflow

Marketing and Advertising

Composite lifestyle product scenes effortlessly. Design unified look across campaigns. Create engaging social content framing. Optimize sizing per platform.

Image Editing Workflow


Edit portraits with seamless background blurs. Extend canvas backgrounds seamlessly. Retouch talent focus areas quickly. Isolate compelling details.

Image Editing Workflow

Graphic Design

Clip out subjects with hairline precision. Design stylized product pack shot visuals.


No subscription required . Just pay as you go


$0.05 / image

Suitable for free lance and individual projects

Process between 0 to 500 images


$0.025 / image

Suitable for small projects and businesses

Process between 500 to 20,000 images


$0.0125 / image

Designed for larger projects and businesses

Handle between 20,000 to 100,000 images


Custom pricing

For high-volume, enterprise-level needs

Process over 200,000 images . Contact us at [email protected] for a tailored quote

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What our users have to say

Rahul G.

E-Commerce Creative Director

Image Editing Workflow

For our subscription box business, ZYNGs capabilities streamlined our content production massively. Custom product vignettes, compositing lifestyle scenes, optimizing images for every channel - ZYNG powers our entire visual experience.

Mark P.

Online Merchandising Lead

Image Editing Workflow

As an apparel e-commerce business, ZYNG's suite of editing tools is invaluable. Seamless model removal, precise reframing on clothing details, and automated background extensions for our product spins - it just works

Jen T.

E-Commerce Photography Manager

Image Editing Workflow

ZYNG has been a game-changer for our e-comm photo editing. Removing backgrounds for clean product cutouts, resizing images consistently across our site, and applying brand color backdrops - all in one tool!